Cover of Manu Chao’s ‘Clandestino’

Year Released: 1998

Have I Heard This Before?: Nope. I’ve only ever heard of Manu Chao in passing, and I don’t recall ever coming across his music purposefully, let alone incidentally.

High Points: I didn’t quite know what to expect from Clandestino, but it certainly wasn’t this. Admittedly, this is…

Cover of the album ‘Ctrl’ by SZA

Year Released: 2017

Have I Heard This Before?: I did listen to this album back when it came out, and it just missed out on my top 10 of the year at the time. I thought it was good, even great at points; it just didn’t quite connect with me.

Cover of Big Star’s album #1 Record

Year Released: 1972

Have I Heard This Before?: I’m a semi-professional music critic, and I had a huge power-pop phase in my early twenties. Thus, it would be next to impossible for me to have not heard this album or the rest of Big Star’s discography.

High Points: I love…

The RS500 Project

A somewhat exhaustive run-through of Rolling Stone’s updated 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list to see if they’re all truly great.

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